Current Ideas

Since the release of the iPhone in June 2007 and the iPad in April 2010, the number of people utilizing mobile technology on a daily basis has skyrocketed. With fast and reliable Internet access, smart phones and tablets have changed the way people communicate, and consume information. Despite their skyrocketing popularity and usefulness, current mobile technology remains inefficient when it comes to contributing, or collecting information. We believe the greatest opportunities for software and hardware innovation lie in the way mobile workers collect information.



SansWrite is a scalable software application for converting paper inspections, assessments and surveys into intelligent forms. Unlike fillable forms software, SansWrite monitors the worker’s progress and provides visual cues and prompts to ensure data entry is accurate and complete. SansWrite also reduces typing and creates consistency by enabling workers to select pre-written descriptions of common deficiencies and violations. SansWrite offers a flexible development environment and integrates with existing information systems. For more details, please visit



TREWGrip is a handheld “rear-type” device that has tactile keyboard keys for typing, but on the back-side. The standard QWERTY key layout is split and rotated so the hands gripping TREWGrip can also do multi-finger text entry. By maintaining the QWERTY key layout, typists can quickly transfer competencies from a traditional keyboard to TREWGrip without having to learn an entirely new skill. TREWGrip also provides visual cues on the front-side which help users, with varying levels of typing expertise, easily locate the typing keys on the back using simple hand-eye coordination. For more details, please visit

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