An Idea Business
Outlier Technologies Work Environment

Outlier Technologies is a for-profit idea accelerator, with a focus on mobile software and hardware technology. We provide the creative space, business services and initial funding to help turn great ideas into great businesses.

It all started in 1993 when Mark Parker, at the age of 22, had an idea to build a better storage clipboard. After more than a year of bootstrapping, the TurnKey Inspection System was launched in December of 1995. With some initial success in the home inspection market, enhancements were made to accommodate different types of inspections and the customer base started to grow. By 1999 the priorities shifted from developing ideas to expanding operations, and for the next decade the business grew at an exciting rate and the product offering continued to evolve.

Fast forward to 2010 when the usage of smartphones and tablets began to skyrocket, our priorities quickly shifted back to idea development. With nearly a 20-year head start, Outlier Technologies was well positioned to exploit emerging opportunities in the mobile software and hardware markets. But instead of merely building products, we decided to build startups, and to utilize Outlier Technologies’ existing infrastructure to eliminate duplication.

Today, Outlier Technologies is poised to launch two exciting new businesses. Both have connections to our past, provide practical solutions to real problems, and offer entrepreneurs and investors viable business opportunities.  Stayed tuned…

Do you have a great idea?

Tell us about it! We provide the knowledge, resources and support needed so you can stay focused on your great idea. We will also connect you with the right people to help move you beyond the idea stage, and turn your idea into an investible business.

Do you have an innovative spirit?

Join our team! We hire passionate people who believe in great ideas, understand what it means to be innovative, and are driven to succeed. Our principles for success are start simple, fail forward and finish strong.  Sound like a fit? Send us your resume.