About Outlier Technologies

A Rich History of Developing Software and Hardware Solutions for the Modern Mobile Worker

It all started in 1993 when Mark Parker, at the age of 22, had an idea to build a better storage clipboard for the emerging home inspection industry. After more than a year of bootstrapping, the TurnKey Inspection System was launched in December of 1995. The system included a laptop, printer and inspection software bundled into a portable carrying case. By 1996, the system was the industry's de facto standard. Success led to commoditization and increased competition, and by 1999, the company’s focus shifted to enhancing the inspection software and expanding into new markets.

In early 1999, the inspection software component of the TurnKey Inspection System was rebranded SansWrite, and it was marketed as a standalone product in various industries. By 2000, thousands of private companies and government agencies throughout the United States and Canada were using SansWrite. The company grew at an exciting pace during the next decade while the software evolved from a simple standalone application into a sophisticated multi-tiered information system.

In 2010, smartphones and tablets were becoming commonplace among consumers, and the company’s focus shifted back to inspection system development. Although increasingly functional and popular with consumers, mobile technology was not widely utilized by mobile workers. Instead, companies and government agencies opted for laptops and convertibles for their remote workers. With nearly two-decades of experience in mobile workforce automation, we understood why, and decided to pursue the emerging opportunity with two new product offerings.

Today, Outlier Technologies is on the verge of introducing a new paradigm in mobile workforce automation with a system uniquely designed for the modern mobile worker. By combining the latest hardware and software technologies, with a revolutionary new input device, the company is once again defining the future of mobile workforce automation. For more information, please refer to the Inspections 2020 use case.

To learn more about Outlier Technologies and our two-decade long journey, or to find out more about how we are defining the future of mobile workforce automation, please contact us today.